Hurricane Management’s very foundation may be summed up in one word: "Excellence"

You’ll save time and money while gaining more control over your billing, patient care, and overall growth

A Virtual Remote Business Office

Hurricane Management is a results-driven medical billing outsourced services provider with outstanding global credentials and recognitions. Our highly qualified and trained workforce has handled every aspect of medical billing, from charge entry to AR follow-up to electronic data interchange and a variety of other routine duties crucial to the success of your clinic.

Our services become a natural extension of your practice. We perceive ourselves to be a “Virtual Remote Business Office”, giving you the impression that we are right next door, ready to answer to your needs – whenever they emerge!

Our Services

Over the years, we’ve designed and implemented systems, programs, and value-added services that
have helped us achieve and sustain our clients; most important goals.

Medical Billing

Our competent and skilled team offers a comprehensive suite of services for your billing, including claim creation, swift filing, proactive follow-up, denial resolution, appeals, payment posting, and reporting.

Dental Billing

We provide a full range of dental billing services, including benefits breakdown, billing and collections, AR recovery and follow-ups, and other services to help you navigate your practice more successfully.

Medical Coding

We make sure that your claims are submitted correctly, based on the specific criteria of each insurance provider. We empower you to accomplish your organization's financial and compliance goals

AR recovery services

We provide a broad spectrum of AR recovery solutions and management services, including the recovery of lost revenue from accounts that have been outstanding for more than 120 days. Even from accounts that were supposed to be lost causes.

Front Office Management

Our team is well-versed in a range of critical Front Office functions, including patient scheduling, prompt data entry, and accurately determining patients' insurance eligibility, all of which help to reduce claim denials and stimulate practice revenue.

Credentialing & Enrollment

Our team is well-versed in payer policies and can aid you in becoming a member of an insurance carrier's network. Our customized healthcare credentialing services will assist you in receiving compensation sooner.

Denial Management Services

There could be a myriad of reasons for a claim's rejection; it could be an out-of-place modifier or a combination of codes not allowed under the CCI edits. Reasons may be multiples of any number whereas the solution is one – Hurricane Management.

Medical Transcription Services

Our transcriptionists have extensive expertise transcribing medical reports such as physical examination reports, discharge summaries, emergency room reports, chart notes, medical evaluations, psychiatry evaluations, and more.

Our success is based on the success of our clients

Because we are a customer-centric company, we are fluid and adaptable, ready to jump into action or shift gears anytime you need us. And we always meet our deadlines. Hurricane Management will increase your productivity and streamline your medical practice’s procedures, allowing you to provide better patient care and create a pleasant environment for each patient visit. We understand how to get your claims reimbursed on the first try, without any delays, bottlenecks, or complications. Hurricane Management will be your highly trusted partner in the medical billing sector because of our team’s experience and competence. Our understanding of reimbursement mechanisms, LCDs, and payer contracts will ensure that we get you the most revenue as possible.

Why Hurricane Management?

Through its unique and all-encompassing highly regarded medical billing management system, Hurricane Management has acquired a reputation worthy of being your partner in helping you build a successful, profitable, and thriving medical practice.

Hurricane Management uses a flexible, dynamic pricing plan to ensure that services are both inexpensive and of top standard. Our success is based on the success of our clients, and we work hard to ensure that no claim goes unpaid. Increased recovery and decreased overhead allow clients to easily justify the expense.

You have fixed costs when billing in-house, while your costs with Hurricane Management are contingent upon monthly receipts. If your activity drops while you’re on vacation, so does your billing expense. We are only paid when you get reimbursed.