About Us

We deliver exceptional real-time solutions that advance the standards of practice.

Unlike Other Medical Billing Companies

We’re a remarkable medical management company with over seven years of industry experience in healthcare revenue management. We provide customized solutions with innovative management, for laboratories, individual physicians, groups, and organizations of all sizes. Claim billing, denial management, AR recovery, and practice management solutions are all provided by our company. Unlike other medical billing businesses, we handle every part of RCM to make it easier for you to operate your business.


Hurricane Management is one of the best organization who always been dedicated to providing client satisfaction at all times. This is the only reason we’ve made it our aim to deliver superior solutions and individualized assistance that promotes healthy practices and satisfied patients. Our company’s certified professionals work hard to ensure that healthcare practitioners make the most revenue as possible. In this extremely competitive sector, we go the additional mile to become the ideal.


Our vision is to help healthcare providers reach their utmost degree of success and efficiency by advancing industry standards by introducing new creative ideas. We’re a qualified and accredited service firm that values our clients; confidentiality.


Hurricane Management provides specialized services, and outsourcing your requirements to us will benefit you in a variety of ways. We’ll assign you a qualified account manager who will keep track of every element of your account. In this manner, we could guarantee that not a single underpaid revenue claim falls through the cracks.

Hurricane Management strives hard to sustain its reputation as one of the most competent companies in the industry. Our core values are the primary reason for our success as one of the leading medical management services companies in the United States.


Our certified professionals and technical analysts are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of medical management. To deliver thorough, continuous training. Hence, our team is always up to date with the latest regulations and advancements.


We believe diversity helps us meet the specific needs of each of our clients, whether through our workforce or our range of highly specialized services. Each healthcare intuition has unique requirements, and we are committed to providing the most comprehensive service possible to meet those needs.


The staff at Hurricane Management is encouraged to be creative and curious. We're dedicated to inventiveness and innovation, which permits curious minds to think of new methods to help our clients. This allows medical professionals to focus more on the needs of their patients and less on their financial concerns.


We believe that technology and innovation are the keys to the future. We invest in cutting-edge technologies and employ healthcare management specialists who provide unrivalled services in order to expedite and streamline all elements of patient care and practice administration.