Medical Billing Services

Hurricane Management will take your billing operations to the next level with our unique confluence of personal devotion and billing acumen.


Eligibility and Benefits

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Charge Entry

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Payment Posting

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Comprehensive Suite of Services

Hurricane Management provides a comprehensive array of medical billing services, as well as a committed world-class team of experts ready to assist your organization in increasing revenue, enhancing collection rates, and reducing denied claims. Our specialists get you up and running swiftly, taking care of your aged accounts and following up on all claims to ensure prompt reimbursements. The Medical Billing Service from Hurricane Management is an end-to-end revenue cycle management solution for more than 32 specialties. Our competent and skilled team offers a comprehensive suite of services for your billing, including claim creation, swift filing, proactive follow-up, denial resolution, appeals, payment posting, reporting, and frequently guiding practice staff to get you paid 6% more and 35% quicker. Whether you are a multi-specialty group or a solo practice, our staff has years of medical billing expertise and is equipped with advanced technology and organizational excellence to propel your billing operations ahead.

Augment Revenue Collection

We assist you in augmenting revenue collection by optimizing your whole workflow; from eligibility, to check in, copay collection and the entire back office thus eliminating revenue leakages.

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Why Us?

Through its unique and all-encompassing highly regarded medical billing management system, Hurricane Management has acquired a reputation worthy of being your partner in helping you build a successful, profitable, and thriving medical practice.

Revenue Cycle Maximization

According to a recent study, healthcare businesses end up losing 5% of their net revenue owing to inefficient revenue cycle operations. Lower collections, missing revenue opportunities, and process breakdowns arise from an insufficient and fragmented revenue cycle. Healthcare providers are being backed into a corner by the switch to a value-based payment model and regulatory constraints. We are here to support and guide you in your struggle! We adapt your workflow and procedures to enable you to optimize net collections while decreasing your primary costs. Revenue management solutions from Hurricane Management are built from the ground up to suit your aspirations and priorities.

Stop hedging your bets on quick fixes. Hurricane Management offers solutions across the spectrum and goes above and beyond to provide creative and practice-specific RCM solutions. We work three shifts to ensure that your front, middle, and back-end revenue cycles are always taken care of. As reimbursement constraints escalate, losing 16 hours a day may very well result in claim backlog and delayed timelines. That is why we operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Professional & Institutional Billing Services

Physician billing

Laboratory billing

Hospital billing

Ambulatory surgical center billing

Nursing center billing

Professional billing differs from institutional billing in the way that hospital or institutional billing focuses solely on the medical billing method rather than medical coding. Professional billing, on the other hand, also involves medical coding.

Claims for medical services or treatments performed by physicians or healthcare professionals to those with medical coverage are charged through professional billing. A medical office is responsible for administrative duties such as seeing patients, scheduling consultations, verifying and registering patients, collecting payments, and providing additional services such as medical billing.

Many administrative tasks associated with medical offices, such as arranging appointments, greeting patients, verification and registration, and payment processing, are handled by professional billing. Because particularly precise in-patient and out-patient treatments will be billed under the patient’s insurance plans, the documentation is essential.

The practice of charging claims for in-patient and out-patient services provided by hospitals or healthcare organizations is known as institutional billing. In addition, institutional billing is responsible for nurse practitioner services. It also processes claims for medical services such as lab testing, medical supplies, equipment, imaging, and so on. Sometimes institutional billers are given responsibilities that aren’t the same as those of professional billers. The majority of institutional billers are either solely responsible for billing or do both billing and collections. Institutional billers’ primary responsibilities include collecting, charging, and billing.