Professional Billing Services

Our professional billing experts will help you get paid faster.

Physician Billing Services

Physicians spend years for developing their skills needed to build successful medical practices. Even with this level of expertise, it is very difficult to keep up with the ever-changing world of physician revenue cycle management (RCM). Hurricane Management manages all elements of physician billing, including A / R recovery for aged accounts receivable. We also offer a variety of physician consultation and billing services tailored to your needs.

Pathology & Radiology Billing Services

Hurricane Management recognizes that each lab has its own needs and goals. Our laboratory billing expertise have decades of experience and are familiar with genetic, molecular, clinical, pathology, toxicology, and inside and outside of esoteric lab billing and reporting. Hurricane Management allows you to customize operations and systems to meet the needs of any laboratory, from publicly traded laboratories to hospital outreach programs to independent clinical and molecular labs.

Hurricane Management helps lab to build productive revenue cycles that significantly increase their collections by providing customer-specific, customized solutions and streamlining as many front-end procedures as possible.

Hurricane Management Percentage and Its return on investment effectively provides a free solution for our clients. We literally anticipate an increase in revenue in 90 days, by growing income, and by supplanting staffing. And if we can reduce or eliminate any existing expenses, then better! 

Hurricane Management is ONE of the few medical billing companies that can offers a complete medical billing service to complement the unique needs of the Imaging Center. We offer all services including Radiation Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), Accounts Receivable (AR Recovery), Electronic Health Records / Electronic Medical Records (EHR / EMR) Technology, Medical Care Management, and Patient Engagement.

 Radiology billing service relies on accurate coding, timely claim processing, and constant tracking of all denials. Hurricane Management Certified Billing Specialists have extensive expertise and experience in coding and billing needs for mobile imaging, radiology, and Free-standing imaging.

Telemedicine Billing Services

After the epidemic, telehealth and telemedicine services have become more viable. As a result, telemedicine has become one of the most relevant aspects of healthcare practices. More and more providers are offering telemedicine as a service, and Hurricane Management’s telehealth billing service enables such practices.

The ever-increasing demand for telemedicine in the future of patient care is critical, as medical professionals are facing major challenges as the frequency of patient consultations in the

 clinic is significantly reduced.

Important Telemedicine Stipulations:

Billing for telemedicine can be tricky as the rules are still forming and the studies are changing on a daily basis.

Coding Telehealth Encounters

The American Medical Association has developed a database of constantly updated telemedicine billing codes. Healthcare service providers, medical office and hospitals are mandatory to use these telemedicine codes.

Billing Charge Entry

Since the patients are engaging remotely, the amount of communication between the patient and the telehealth service provider determines about the amount of information collected. Telemedicine claims are likely to be inaccurate, so it is important to reconfirm the information.

Telehealth Claim Scrubbing

Most of the communication between the patient and providers happens via an interactive audio and video system, so the preliminary phase accurately posts clinical data before proceeding with claim validation and error correction.

Accurate Claim Submission

Not all of the services provided by telehealth systems are eligible for reimbursement. This is why the telehealth billing team at Hurricane Management verifies insurance eligibility ahead of time and submits claims within 48 hours after claim preparation and scrubbing.

HIPAA Compliant Protection

Data hacking and data security are more common among telehealth service providers. For this reason, telehealth services require a HIPAA-compliant billing protocol. Hurricane Management uses advanced encryption tools to protect your billing and clinical data.