Telemedicine Billing Services

After the epidemic, telehealth and telemedicine services have become more viable. As a consequence, telemedicine has become one of the most pertinent aspects of healthcare practices. A growing number of providers are offering telehealth as a service, and Hurricane Medical Management’s telehealth billing services are enabling such practices.
Telemedicine’s ever-increasing demand as the future of patient care is crucial, as medical professionals confront tremendous issues with the substantially reduced frequency of in-office patient visits.

Important Telemedicine Stipulations

Billing for telemedicine can be tricky as the rules are still forming and the studies are changing on a daily basis.

Coding Telehealth Encounters

The American Medical Association has developed a database of telemedicine billing codes that is updated on a continual frequency. Healthcare service providers, medical offices, and hospitals are mandated to utilize these telehealth codes.

Billing Charge Entry

Since the patients are engaging remotely, the volume of communication between the patients and the telehealth services provider determines how much information is collected. Billing for telehealth has a higher potential of inaccuracies, thus double-checking the information is critical.

Telehealth Claim Scrubbing

Because the majority of communication between patients and providers occurs through interactive audio and video systems, the preliminary stage is to precisely transcribe clinical data before proceeding on to check for and eliminate errors in claims.

Accurate Claim Submission

Not all of the services provided by telehealth systems are eligible for reimbursement. This is why the telehealth billing team at MediBox MSO verifies insurance eligibility ahead of time and submits claims within 48 hours after claim preparation and scrubbing.

HIPAA Compliant Protection

Data hacking and data security breaches are more prevalent among telehealth service providers. This is why HIPAA-compliant billing protocols for telehealth services are required. MediBox MSO protects billing and clinical data with advanced encryption tools.

Telehealth Payments

Practices' reservations regarding the methodology and application of telehealth payment instruments have cultivated in response to the rapid expansion of telehealth services. Copays and insurance reimbursements, in addition to upfront collections, necessarily require an experienced telehealth billing staff.

Digital Payment Posting

In order to monitor and promptly submit payments, MediBox MSO's telehealth billing staff sustains essential data about the patient and payment collection status. Payment posting must be timely and highly accurate for the virtual care process to progress with follow-up consultations.

Collection Statements and Reports

The digital posting of payments, as well as weekly and monthly collections reports, provide a comprehensive view of the accounts receivables. MediBox MSO's telehealth billing team compiles and shares collection reports to support practices in taking the best decisions.